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About OM Sanctuary

Thoroughly explore OM Sanctuary; Who we are, why we are here, and where we came from.


OM Sanctuary (Oshun Mountain Sanctuary, Inc.) is a non-profit responding to the increasing number of people seeking to bring balance, health, and inspiration into their personal and professional lives. People around the world are waking up to the fact that a sustainable world and future begins with a sustainable individual lifestyle. At this critical moment in human development, OM Sanctuary hears the call for a center that will provide profound support in these changing times.


About Om SanctuaryThe Name:

O is for Oshun: Renewal and vitality
M is for Mountain: Strength and stability
Sanctuary: Sacred space for rest and rejuvenation

With the insight, vision and help of generous donors and supporters, OM Sanctuary will become a leading model for a combined community and nature-sensitive retreat center. Natural beauty has a way of calming the nervous system and connecting us to our natural rhythms. Studies on holistic practices continue to acknowledge the mind-body connection in certain forms of depression, anxiety, weight gain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraines, memory problems, irritability, and relationship difficulties.

OM Sanctuary offers classes, demonstrations, lectures, training, day-long and extended-stay programs on topics such as life enrichment, stress reduction, modeling health for children, cooking for health, yoga, and meditation. Guests have access to well-being services, healthy food, and other resources for mindful living. We invite guests to disconnect from their cell phones and computers to reconnect with their natural rhythms and inner wisdom. Several areas of campus will be cell-phone and computer free.

The beautiful 54-acre property provides ample outdoor space to reflect and de-stress. OM Sanctuary creates a community for individuals to feel supported as they live, love, learn, and laugh together.